Backup Recovery

We know that every one claims to give servers we need. But Large scale backup is very necessary. Which is not available at every vendor. Your data might be at risk with other data centers. But that’s not the case with us. We provide the complete mirror copies of your […]



Latest High-end Hardwar

We know that not only network can power servers but High end hardware is required as well. Because to max out bandwidth a powerful processor with high core is needed. Plus a High End RAM. Our servers are packed with latest bare metal hardware. CPU processors are ranging from Octa […]

Premium Networks

Network is backbone of data center. To make our data center unique and of high performance, we have purchased redundant multiple 50 GBPS Fiber Lines. These are further divided into multiple infrastructures. These premium Google Fibre and high end Comcast network give boost to our dedicated servers. The links are […]

Very large amount of color coded cables on back of row of network servers